Give in charity every night in Ramadan

Donate to Olive Mount every night of Ramadan from as little as £1 a night.

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Choose a daily amount
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Choose from: £1 | £5 | £10 or more
Choose a method to give from below:
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1. Standing Order

Set up a standing order using the following bank details:

Bank Name: Greensville Trust

Sort Code: 01-01-35

Account Number: 23431652

Payment Reference: DON XX RAM where XX are your initials.

So, for Ibn Batuta, the reference would be DON IB RAM

2. Collection Box

Create a collection box (from a household item) and add your specified amount every night.

At the end of Ramadan, either give the amounts in person or make a bank transfer using the bank details above.

Don’t forget to Gift Aid it
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Gift Aid adds 25% on top of your donation. To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay an amount of UK Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the amount of tax Greensville Trust will reclaim from your donations in the appropriate tax year (currently 25p for each £1 given).

Gift Aid income will be allocated to Greensville Trust’s general fund to be used where needed most.

Can’t add Gift Aid?

Please let us know that you have donated, by emailing, so that we can account for your donation and keep you informed of all developments in relation to the Olive Mount project.

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Let us know if you have any questions

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