Greensville Trust is a UK based educational charity that aims to nurture holistic faith- based communities which have at their heart prophetic institutions that are underpinned by the principles of sincerity, excellence and education rooted in transformative practice.

  Olive Mount is intended as a sanctuary of serenity and security for the faithful that reflects and compliments the wholeness and order of the heavens and the earthly beauty of the natural order. The project involves the acquisition and development of a city-based mosque campus that is mirrored rurally, in the natural environment; as a means of giving life to the broader prophetic teaching of the mosque as a crucible for holistic living and worship.

The challenge is to inspire our supporters to join hands with us, in piety and taqwā, to raise in excess of a million pounds to help in the establishment of Olive Mount. We require a minimum of a one hundred souls to commit to raising a micro-minimum of £10k as a means of reaching the macro-minimum of a million pounds. By rising to the challenge, you will be required to achieve this by the 15th of Sha ‘bān, Laylatu’l-Barā’ah, 1442.

  The current donor schemes, whilst being successful, they fall considerably short of the initial milestone figure of £5m that is needed to purchase the physical sites and establish the first phase of Olive Mount. The Million Pound Challenge will allow us to collectively fast track this purchase with a structured plan and a personally achievable target.

Raising £10,000 is really achievable if you are granted the tawfīq to put your mind to it. With a modicum of creativity and industry, you will be able to reach your fundraising target with ease, inshā’ Allāh!


What about …

  • Setting up your own Million Pound Challenge donation page and ask everyone you know to donate through your page. The more people you ask, the more you will raise!
  • Hosting a fundraising gathering at home or in a hired space. Keep it simple by providing free basic refreshments such as freshly ground coffee and herbal teas, accompanied by home-baked biscuits and pastries or maybe something more elaborate like the finest homemade international cuisines and desserts. The stomach is a timeless guarantee of accessing a person’s heart and by extension their pocket. Tawfiq!
  • Partake in one of the seasonal events organised by the Olive Mount Team, use these opportunities to boost your personal target through attaining sponsorships from family, friends and work colleagues.
  • Ask your friends and neighbours for unwanted items and organise a car boot sale. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much can be raised!
  • Distribute the Million Pound Challenge collection boxes amongst family and friends and even in your local shops and takeaways. Give them a six month time limit! every penny counts.

We will amplify your creativity and industry by promoting and magnifying your personal fundraising activities on our main social media platforms such as Just Giving / Facebook / Instagram, as well as through our own organisational database of students and supporters. We will likewise provide you with the necessary official Olive Mount and Million Pound Challenge promotional material.

Furthermore, our creative and organisational experience and expertise is at your disposal.

The £10,000 you raise can become £12,500 so long as your donors are UK taxpayers and Gift Aid can be claimed

Register on the Just Giving Page

Challengers are required to provide a regular progress update and to supply pictures and videos to support

Are you ready for the challenge? Sign up today and help make the Olive Mount a reality!

For more information please contact the Million Pound Challenge Team on 0151 558 0728 or