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Isam Bachiri

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Isam Bachiri is a Muslim of Moroccan descent born in 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was raised in Brøndby Strand, where he currently resides. He went to the Islands Brygge School in Copenhagen, where he graduated as a mathematical student and went on to study at Odense University.

From 1997, Bachiri joined Waqas Ali Qadri and Lenny Martinez in the creation of Outlandish, a group that takes influences from the three members’ various backgrounds (Moroccan/Berber, Pakistani/Punjabi and Latin American). Together, they recorded their first single, “Pacific to Pacific,” which was used in connection with an Amnesty International charity event. They went on to record five albums and several singles, achieving international success.

After 20 years in the band Outlandish and 11 years since his solo debutIsam Bachiri releases his new album “Lost For Words

“Lost For Words” can be described as a short film/album that takes place over an entire life with a number of main characters. Inspired by the movie “Tree Of Life” among others, Isam paints pictures focusing on the poetry in fate society: the feelings. That is why the main subjects is; consciousness, love and communication. How we perspectivise, understand and misunderstand each other. How we prioritize in life while we learn how to live. What is it we fight for during a lifetime? 

“Lost for Words” is eight tracks bound to nothing less than the journey of life and about the art of acting properly regardless the situation. There are songs for the heart and the human journey, about changes on a mental plan, and Isam Bachiri definitely is a man of change.  

With words by Amir Suleiman, Sh. Hamza Yusuf, Nader Khan, Sh. Abdel Hakim Murad the album becomes a beautiful and soulful journey.