27th Ramadan 1441

20th to 21st May 2020

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Speakers Include

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Abdul Karim Yahya ● Yahya Rhodus ● Anthony Milroy ● Ibrahim Osi-Efa ● Faiz Qureshy ● Haroon Hanif

Artists Include

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Mostafa Atef ● Amir Sulaiman ● Mohammad Bennis ●
Nader Khan ● Abdel Salam Al Hassani

Hosted by

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Jamal Ud-Deen Hysaw ● Khalid Hussain ● Burhan Khandia ● Amir Nawaz ● Ibn Ali Miller

The Fundraiser

24 Hour Online Program

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When a person dies, man asks,
‘What did they leave behind?’
Whilst the angels ask,

‘What did they send ahead?’

Our Legacy; Their Future

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