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The primary goal of this fundraising effort will be to establish a viable long-term approach for generating funds. The approach will attempt to establish and maintain lasting, continuous, and reliable channels of funding. This will be accomplished by careful analysis and assessment of the various funding channels. Thus, a well-organised and managed operational unit to devise and implement funding initiatives, establish clear performance metrics and milestones, and build an infrastructure to track, analyse and provide feedback on actual results will be required.

There are two basic approaches to fundraising, which vary with the level of emphasis placed on large donors. In the fundraising literature there is an oft-cited rule of thumb suggesting that the first third of a campaign goal should come from about 10-15 donors, the second third from 75-100, and the final third from larger audiences. The Endowment Project will appeal to a self-selected group of donors who trust in the special mission and intention of the people behind this noble initiative.

Become a regular or one-off donor to the Olive Mount project through any one of the 5 schemes below.

The Platinum Scheme
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The 7 Children of the Prophet ﷺ

£2,500 per month
The Gold Scheme
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The 11 Wives of the Prophet ﷺ

£1,000 per month
The Silver Scheme
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The 40 Companions of the Prophet ﷺ Guaranteed Paradise

£500 per month
The Bronze Scheme
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The Companions of Badr

£100 per month
The Standard Scheme
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The Companions of Uḥud

One-off donations anytime

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